Cocktail Party

A fun, immersive way to understand and conceptualize your brand's personality.

How to facilitate:

  1. Download the free template by clicking “Get Template” below.
  2. Now imagine yourself at a cocktail party, talking about your brand as if it’s a real person. How would you describe them? Who are they and what do they do? What’s their background? What is their personality like? What do they look like physically? Is there a commonly known celebrity or persona that best exemplifies them? Who else might you compare them to that anyone would know?
  3. Now imagine it’s a bit later in the night and you’ve had a few too many drinks. The “filter” comes off… What might you say about them? What adjectives or phrases come to light that you may not have said before? It’s ok to get a little saucy here – that’s when the true insights come out 😉


If you have multiple people within your organization, make sure to have each person complete their own exercise. Are there any similarities or differences that come to light? What trends are exposed and how might you adjust or solidify your brand personality to ensure everyone is on the same page?

The Takeaway:

Just like humans, brands are living, breathing entities with unique characteristics and identifying traits—this is why we are so drawn to some more than others. If your brand were a person, which traits would you want to show off? How would you want others to perceive you at your best? Understanding the human aspects of your brand will allow you to develop communication and visual language that not only speak to your audience, but relate to and connect with them as well.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Hear it from the team:

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