Electrify Anything

The perfect warm-up for jump starting your creativity by turning everyday objects into connected devices in minutes. Batteries included.

How to facilitate:

  1. Hand each participant a blank paper and sharpie.
  2. Have them choose any  analogue object in the room or their bag.
  3. Imagine you were able super charge it with batteries and/or connect it to the internet. Draw it and describe its features.
  4. Have each participant share their concept and discuss.
  5. Want to take it a step further? Have the participant take a stab at branding it – what’s the name? what’s the business pitch for it? or what could the landing page look like?

The Takeaway:

We go throughout our day flooded by information and objects, but we let the tasks at hand distract our ability to think deeply, and think creatively. This exercise gives us an opportunity to put the attention to those everyday things and give our minds permission to explore and develop a concept for what “could be” tomorrow, instead of simply accepting “what is” today.

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